Previews of my videos.

GirlSwallowedALIVE by Vorevids

Fresh face NEW model Vivian in her first vorevids vore video. Also, introducing his film debut, THE TROLL! See this new creature swallow Vivian whole, bare feet, legs and all! Vivian starts out waiting around in a nice school girl outfit, plaid miniskirt, sweater and black heels. See her inspect her beautiful bare legs before becoming a nice morsel for the troll.
Late, is better than never. See what other stuff I've been doing at the links below.

Barebutt pantyhose Spider Vore by Vorevids

Amber is just coming by to check things out, but finds herself in a sticky situation. This is now the Spider's Lair, and it doesn't like visitors. Amber quickly becomes the spider's prey and is webbed and encased in a cocoon. See Amber in pantyhose and a skirt that just won't stay down(;0) struggling, kicking her feet and wiggling her toes and clawing against the nylon spiderweb she is cocooned alive in. Her effort to escape is futile as she is eventually drained of fluids at the end.

Mr. Mouth Has A Guest by Vorevids

Mr. Mouth is back and he swallows Cami whole!


A sexy space cop has been sent to apprehend the intergalactic criminal, Xenu, but she is in for much more than she bargained for!


Heather Swallowed alive by Giant Snake.
Heather sitting at home with high heels, when the pet snake has just escaped it's cage! See her swallowed alive in peavey pantyhose and high heels. Enjoy! In both shoes on or off as she slides down the Snakes gullet(link above)

SavoringAnna by Vorevids

VORE VIDEO IN 3D! You'll need red & blue 3d glasses to see the effect. Anna comes home after a rough day from work– all she wants to do is relax, but an intruder has other plans for her! A giant reptile has decided that Anna makes the perfect afternoon snack!. See a woman swallowed alive, for the FIRST TIME IN 3D!!! Anna is wearing a nice short dress and pantyhose. She takes off her high heels, to put on her comfy flip flops, rubbing her feet to relieve them of the days ordeal. Then she is swallowed alive. ENJOY!

Pantyhose_Feet_tentacle_Vore by Vorevids

Tonette returns to vore to be devoured by a hungry space blob. Peavey Pantyhose, feet and legs kicking and toes wiggling as she struggles against tentacles. See the tentacles pull off her high heel shoes and watch the blobs mass creep over her body. Enjoy. by Vorevids

After hearing an eery noise, Amber goes to check it out. Are the stories of her house being haunted true? After being teased by the ghost, it finally attacks and engulfs her. See Amber struggle in a nylon encasement as she tries to fight off the skeletal ghost that is inside WITH HER! enjoy.